The 20 best cheap prom dresses for under $60 in 2022

by Atomee Direct on Jul 21, 2022

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Prom is a big deal, and it's important to look your best on the big night! Of course, though, not everyone has the budget for an expensive designer-label prom dress. That doesn't mean that you can't find something beautiful—you just need to know where to look. Here are 20 of our favorite cheap prom dresses for under $60.

Best Floral Prom Dresses

Floral dresses are a great choice for prom, weddings, summer and spring break. They're also appropriate for any kind of party or event where you want to look like you care about being there. You can wear them with sneakers or heels—it doesn't matter. Just make sure you're wearing something on your feet so that people know where not to step when they see four inches of mud inside the house at 4am after the party ended.

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Sweet Tea Bow Bandage Floral Mini Dress - Purple Sun-kissed Days Bustier Floral Midi Dress - Brown Eva Dreams Adjust Lacing up Spaghetti Strap Midi Dress - Orange Eva Dreams Cross Bandage Back Maxi Dress - Blue

Best Black Prom Dress

Black is the most common color choice for prom dresses. The reason for this is that black dresses are flattering on all skin tones, versatile and can be worn again and again.
The most popular style of dress for your prom night is the mermaid silhouette. This style of dress flares from the waist down and has a fitted bodice with an open back or sweetheart neckline. You can find a great selection of affordable gorgeous dresses at Atomee!
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Best Short Prom Dress

These short dresses have a v-neckline with a high slit on the side of the skirt and an open back design. The fabric is chiffon and it has an empire waist fit. It comes in white, black, pink, red and many more colors/shades. You can also buy this dress as part of a set that includes a jacket or shrug if you want to add some extra flair to your order (but don't worry—you'll still get the same great price)

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Best Long Sleeve Prom Dress

Long sleeves are perfect for a formal event. Long sleeves are a great way to cover up your arms, keep you warm and show off your figure. Long sleeve dresses can be dressed down or up depending on how you accessorize them.

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Best Formal Dress

To start, it's important to know that formalwear can refer to different things. Formal dresses are dresses that you wear to events like prom, weddings, and balls. They usually have long sleeves and high necklines and are made of materials like silk or satin. Semi-formal dresses are shorter than formal dresses but still have long sleeves and high necklines. They're typically worn for more casual events like senior proms or other celebrations where the dress code is semi-formal (but not necessarily all out dressy).

Are you ready for another important distinction? The difference between formal shoes and semi-formal shoes lies in the heel height—if your heel is under 3 inches tall then it's considered a formal shoe; if it's higher than that then you're wearing semi-formals! For both types of footwear, we recommend going with closed toe styles rather than sandals so that everyone has the same opportunity to see how beautiful your toes look in their sparkly new heels)

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